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If you have a large file or a large number of files, please use one of the following options to send them to our team.

Please phone us at 604.464.8840 or email us at sales@westwoodprinting.com to verify that we have received your files.

Option 1: FTP

This requires the latest version of Internet Explorer and depending on your security settings you may need to click on "Page" then "open FTP site in Windows Explorer", before you can drag and drop your files.

Click on the link below:  

Now login using the information below:

Login: westwoodprinting

Password: print2005

Once you are logged in, all you have to do is drag and drop your files and we can see them!

Option 2: Dropbox

Go to www.dropbox.com, download and install Dropbox and then creat your own account.

Once you have installed Dropbox, log into your account on their website, go to the "Sharing" tab and click "Share a folder".

Enter a folder name or select an existing folder and click "Next". Enter "sales@westwoodprinting.com" as the recipient email address and click "Share folder". From then on, any files you add to that folder we will be able to download to our computers.

Option 3: yousendit

Go to www.yousendit.com and fill out the 'Send a File' form on the left.

Please send the file to sales@westwoodprinting.com

Westwood Printing : Home


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